Why drugs ?

Why drugs are here on this planet… it’s a question I’ve asked myself for a long time. Is it even possible to ask this question ? Putting a why into a creation of nature as it was something with a purpose…

I think it has some utility on this world.

I have my little theory on this and I would like to share it with you.

Maybe natural psychoactive substances are a way for nature to control its subjects and be a very elaborate reproductive system.

Fruits are sweet. Animals, like us, like sweetness, it’s like a drug. It’s a way for a vegetal species to be appealing for other animals to eat and seed new plants : the species can now grow and reproduce.

Psychoactive substances are, for me, just another seductive arm for reproduction.

Birds & Politics

We can draw an analogy between birds, and their organisation, and how political parties operates. It’s a game, in the end.

Let’s take a group of birds sitting on a nice tree, which would represent a given political group. Those birds seems to operate randomly, at first, but in fact they are, more or less, governed by what mathematicians call “Game Theory“. For the untrained eye, it’s all random, but there is an hidden order, a hierarchy, like in a political group.

If one observe a group of birds, they’ll notice that they are few leaders and a bunch of followers. For birds, the leaders (maybe 1 to 4 birds) would seek a better tree for themselves. They can be followed by the birds sitting on the old tree or they can end up all alone on the new one, waiting for new birds to join them. Sometimes, feeling all alone on a tree, those leaders would come back to the previous tree, because they failed to create something new. They played and lost.

The analogy with politics can be pretty obvious. There are also leaders and followers in politics. Leaders tend to seek out to be the most popular on their political group and if not, if the group fails, they can either quit politics or create a new group, a new movement. If they fail in this new movement, they may try to return to their previous group… But that can be seen odd for their old colleagues.

And that’s maybe the main difference between birds and humans, because we are not ruled by our unconscious mind (like birds, it seems), we have some free will (that’s another debate) and we have evolved from those cute creatures 🙂

The Aborted Child (Mix)

This mix was made and thought after the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Tracklist :

Arvo Pärt – An den Wassern zu Babel [ECM, 1987]
Jonathan Harvey – Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco [Erato, 1984]
EOL – Ever Since [Unreleased, 2015]
Eliane Radigue – Epure [Alga Marghen, 2013]
Arvo Pärt – Tabula Rasa – II. Silentium – Senza moto [ECM, 1984]
Giacento Scelsi – Uaxuctum I. [Accord, 1966]
Luciano Cilio – Primo Quadro « Della conoscenza » Da « Dialoghi Dal Presente » [EMI Italiana, 1977]
Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – Vigilante Crusade [Wonder, 2002]
Pierre Jodlowski – Counting [Signature, 2013]
Jason Lescalleet – This Is What It Sounds Like [Glistening Examples, 2014]
ON – I. [Brocoli, 2007]
Squarepusher – 50 Cycles [Warp, 2003]
EOL – The One [Unreleased, 2015]